• Walkers, it is not the way,
    the path is made by walking.

    Antonio Machado

  • Caminante, no hay camino,
    se hace camino al andar.

    Antonio Machado

  • Wanderer, den Weg gibt es nicht.
    Er entsteht beim Gehen.

    Antonio Machado


since 1995 Madeleine Rodriguez and Michael Zillich cooperate as Konzept Consultancy and Training. Main activities are consultancies for organizations and implementation of capacity building measures for industries and within the context of international cooperation. Services include planning, organization, implementation and evaluation of programs and events.

M. Zillich

Michael Zillich M.A. offers many years of experience as trainer, facilitator and consultant. He supported people and organizations in more than 30 countries by managing their development and change processes. His expertise reaches from planning of measures to their implementation. His qualification in international cooperation focuses on project planning and management, technical and vocational training and team development processes.

The team of Konzept Consultancy and Training. works in German, English, Spanish, Dutch and French. The assignments focus on Latin America, South East Asia and Africa including the MENA region.

Konzept Consultancy and Training. is embedded in a strong network with various experts including psychologists, pedagogues, economists, political scientists and IT-specialists.


Madeleine Rodriguez M.A. works since many years as trainer, consultant and coach for systemic communication behaviour and negotiation techniques. She acquired intense intercultural competencies through her many years in international cooperation and in industry. Her activities in international cooperation focus on capacity building, e-learning, conflict prevention and management as well as project management, monitoring and evaluation.

To us Evaluation means to capture and to valuate processes and results in a methodical and justified way.

  • Training in communication and negotiation
  • Team development and team training
  • Project management, Monitoring and Evaluation
  • Conflict prevention and management
  • Management & Monitoring of Results
  • Inter-cultural consultancy and training
  • Organisational development
  • Systemic coaching
  • Blended-learning

We are actively involved in and enthusiastic about our work.

Konzept Consultancy and Training. attaches great importance to the application of participative methods in order to strengthen ownership of partners and participants. It is our concern to appreciate and activate the resources of our participants. Our work is experience-oriented and we implement our measures close to practice.

Since 17 years Konzept Consultancy and Training. conceptualizes and accompanies individual and organizational learning and development processes by applying a systemic approach. We perceive individuals in relation to their distinct system and we optimize their interaction.

We concentrate on solutions without neglecting the problems. Our experience proves that our customers already offer the required solutions– we offer the tools to activate them.

We support our customers in identifying unproductive rules within their system and in replacing them by productive rules.

We start interventions with appreciation and respect for achievements. We believe that excited employees develop themselves and contribute to the development of organizations.

We focus on activating potentials and competencies of our customers. We support them in

  • Broadening communication capabilities
  • Activating resources
  • Clarifying objectives
  • Developing decisions
  • Developing strategies and identifying alternatives
  • Leading of individuals and teams
  • Reflecting and enhancing competencies
  • Uncovering of blockades and creating coherences
  • Reducing stress and coping with conflicts

We apply our expertise in
projects of international
cooperation and in industry.

Konzept Consultancy and Training, Madeleine Rodriguez and Michael Zillich, apply their expertise in projects and programmes of international cooperation, in public organisations and in industry. The following projects have been successfully implemented during the recent years.

Selected projects for international cooperation

  • Consultancy and coaching of the Centre of Leadership, HCWW Cairo, Egypt, by implementing training needs analyses and developing training measures
  • Ex-ante evaluation and design proposal of the program “capacity building for a resource-efficient and environment-oriented private sector” (Countries: Mexico, Nicaragua, Peru, Vietnam, Uganda, Kenya, Serbia)
  • Moderation of training measures on change management and other management topics
  • Implementation of “Capacity WORKS” trainings and project consultancies according to the “Capacity WORKS” approach
  • Facilitation of planning-workshops
  • Design and implementation of training courses on “enterprise training for the informal sector”
  • Evaluation of programmes, e.g. „ILT InnoTALK, Promoción de Innovación y Tecnologia en America Latina y el Caribe“, “Vocational training and good Governance, Contributions to stabilize Iraq“
  • Facilitation of change management workshops within the reorganisation of a ministry, Namibia

Facilitation of large groups

  • Facilitation of world cafés on „Israel-Palestine.And we?“, Evangelischer Kirchentag Bremen
  • Facilitation of open space events, e.g. “Democracy, Gender and Tradition”, Heinrich Boell Foundation, Islamabad, Pakistan

eLearning – strategic and training projects

  • Coaching of Iraqi managers and technical specialists in “monitoring and evaluation”
  • Development of the didactical concept and implementation of eAcademy courses on ”Interculturele Communicatie en Onderhandelen in het Duits en Spaans“, Netherlands

Conflict prevention, conflict management and mediation

  • Planning and implementing trainings about international management competence (IMK)
  • Coach and consultant for adolescent persons endangered by conflicts. Coaching according to systemic counselling and Marshall B. Rosenberg, Farel College Amersfoort, Netherlands
  • Courses on conflict prevention within families
  • Contribution to the project for marginalized youth, Muévete, proyecto de Jesuitas, Barrio de San Blás, Madrid

Madeleine Rodriguez and Michael Zillich cooperate since 1995 as
Konzept Consultancy and Training

Questions or interest in our services? For the first contact with us, please use the following e-Form.

Madeleine Rodríguez Startz

Konzept Consultancy and Training

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Phone + 31 318 511298
Mobil + 49 173 74 15 238

Michael Zillich

Konzept Consultancy and Training

von-Emmich-Str. 6D
D-78467 Konstanz

Phone + 49 7531 36 23 606
Mobil + 49 176 820 655 43

Web: www.konzept-beratung.com

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